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Too many subway posts?

With millions of people riding the subway every day, you might wonder how likely you’d be to match with someone in the same car, or perhaps how easy it would be for someone interested in you to, well, actually find you.

Goneby enables you to find out. First thing to do is to narrow down your search; and with with the app, you’re only made eligible to match with people who have also posted on the same subway line as yours.

Since your typical subway flirtation is generally brief in nature, limited to each person’s commute patterns, and usually happen between two stations, the app allows you to have that second chance with a person whose first impression was alluring, yet all too short.

When creating a post, select the time interval and station(s) where you met. The more details you provide about the time, place, and even the other person, the more you’ll narrow down your search and the more likely you are to find each other.


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