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Post what you remember about the person, where you met, and a physical description of yourself. If your post is public, they can shoot you a message!

You know those times when you’re out in the city, lock eyes with a special someone but the moment escapes you...

Even if you keep your post private, you’ll be notified if your crush posted trying to find you, and see what tags they used to try to find you.

Review what you both posted, as well as which tags matched and what you missed.


And choose to move forward.

You can choose to share your profile whenever you feel like.

Go ahead and make a date!

If you both choose to 'like' each other, chat it up privately with your potential match and make sure you found the person you had in mind.




About the app

Goneby is meant to simply realign the stars when our busy lives get in the way. We leverage technology and our ability to connect despite challenges of distance, routines, and inconvenient timing. Our system is powered by and dependent on mutual interest, reciprocated attraction, privacy, and consent, so there's nothing to lose - and you never know when you'll be at the right place at the right time with the right person. 

What Makes Us Unique

Post privately about your crush and match on your own terms, by selecting (in your post) self-descriptors your crush may have guessed about you in their own post.

Review how you've been matched, which tags you were recognized by, and move forward with confidence.

Chat anonymously and share profiles when you both feel it.

Check out our blog, and see why Goneby is the missed connections dating app

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