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The art of posting.

With genuine connections being our top-priority, we want you to post with the right purpose and intention. It might take a little more than simply swiping left or right but trust me, it’s worth it.

After all, it’s only recently that we started becoming so uninvolved and clinical about our love lives; with the introduction and normalization of dating apps, we tend to lose touch with the real-life gut feelings we get when you come across someone special.

Be original and creative when you post. Use tags that only you and your crush would know based on the interaction you had to ensure you’re finding the right person, without needing to reveal too much about each other right off the bat. You can scroll through the different tabs and select the tags that best describe your crush and yourself, and add anything that is missing or specific to the moment and/or conversion you had.

You can use the tags listed under the Hints tab for suggestions and ideas.

Basing your potential matches completely on people you may have run into throughout the day, you’re not hoping to create a false spark through a screen – but posting let’s you rekindle an existing chemistry that happened in the real world.


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