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The algorithm.

In recent years, modern tech and marketing strategies have been loyal to the results of what has become known as “The Algorithm” – in places like silicon valley, any new startup and product revolves around their respective algorithm’s truth. But as much as we’d like to believe we can find a formula perfect for any given scenario, there’s no way to truly predict human connection and chemistry.

So what’s Goneby’s algorithm? We don't have one. Because we trust you more than a computer to know when you’ve come across a potential partner. It’s only in the last handful of years where dating and relationships have become dependent on anything other than our human intuition. Goneby empowers you to make connections independently and doesn’t interfere with organic connections made in the real world.

Still, everyone has that one that got away; and we leverage today’s technology just to nudge fate in the right direction. If you had a great conversation with that stranger sitting by you on the train, but their stop came too early, you can attest your interest by posting information about yourself, as well as the other person. And the best part is, they’ll only be aware of your interest if they’ve gone through the same amount of effort to find you… If there are mutual posts, it's a match. What better way to kick off a potential relationship?

Select self-descriptors from your post your crush may have guessed about you in their own post. If there is mutual interest, it's a match!


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