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Checking in please.

Just looking to check in and to let people know you are, or have been, somewhere and be messaged?

You can feel love in the air even if you can’t seem to put your finger on it. Sometimes, whether it be out of curiosity, feeling open, or even boredom, you might feel ready to mingle with other people in close proximity that feel the same way. Simply follow these guidelines when creating a post:

1) Describe yourself in as much detail as possible – (pro tip - not only is this is your potential match’s only way to find out which one you are in your current location, but you can include extra details to make you stand out among the crowd here!)

2) Make your post public and have your picture displayed on search results so people can search for and message you

With these tips, you can easily find someone in your area, party, venue, or event that not only matches your standards and interests, but also wants to meet new people and be approached as well.

The beauty of Goneby is that you can use it as a supplement to your already rich social life, without putting an awkward expectation on a relationship borne out of social media; find the best of both worlds and take advantage of what is really meant to be.


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